Dubai Entrepreneur 2017 Asia-Pacific

Dubai – MENA Herald: The CEO and co-owner of Dubai-based Eternity Clinics, has won the prestigious Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry Award in the 2017 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards. The glittering awards ceremony was held at the JW Marriot Marquis Hotel, Dubai. Entrepreneurs from across the Middle East and Asia received awards for their outstanding performance and tenacity in developing successful businesses in the region. The jury based their selection on evidence of sustained business growth, investment in people, as well as the individual’s ‘belief and action’ as a responsible entrepreneur.

After the ceremony, Markus Giebel said: “My vision was always that with the correct screening and intervention, people needn’t wait to get sick before serious late-stage diseases are treated and cured. In the next ten years, regular health screening will be as commonplace as regular inspections are for your car today.” Markus Giebel said he was deeply honoured that the jury had selected him from among the many nominations in the category. The Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards are now in their third year.

In 2012, Markus Giebel opened the Middle East’s first health-screening centre in Dubai Marina and attracted world-leading physicians. Equipped with the most advanced diagnostic technology, at its core is award-winning Eternity developed software called SAM, or Software for Age Management. The software allows Eternity to screen, monitor and advise hundreds of thousands of patients, consistently and reliably, by utilising over 250,000 complete sets of health data for benchmarking, forecasting, disease modelling and other statistical evaluations.

Earlier this year, Eternity teamed up with Al Zahra Hospital and has just opened a brand-new wellness centre in their main facility on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Al Zahra Wellness Centre has access to the hospital’s world-class physicians and state-of-the-art screening facilities. Eternity aims to become the largest health screening and age management organisation in the Middle East.

Eternity is also developing the corporate health market. Eternity has developed a corporate health report that allows human resource managers to view the health of a company in the same way that the CFO would view their annual financial report. Eternity and its partners already work with some of the largest regional corporations. The software also features a smartphone app, where each client’s health data is stored, health trends are displayed and personalised nutritional and fitness advice is provided within three minutes of a screening. Eternity recently signed an agreement with a Chinese health tour operator to provide medical screening and age management services to their clients. The first trial group of health tourists were already screened in Dubai.

Speaking at the Awards ceremony, entrepreneur Markus Giebel summed up his vision: “We see a future where the current sick-care system evolves into a genuine healthcare system. At every regular car inspection nowadays, your car is plugged into an analytical computer system that provides vital data. Predictive and preventive healthcare works on the same principle and, in future, sophisticated computer systems will support your physician in his diagnosis and decision-making processes.”


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